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Arbor Biosciences accepts orders via our order form as well as a purchase order.

We accept a variety of payment options including check, credit card, or wire transfer. As many of the products and services we offer are custom to your design requirements, it is best to request a quote in order to receive accurate pricing for your selection and required volumes.

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Please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions here.


An invoice will be sent to the provided billing address and e-mail once your product is delivered. Payment terms are 30 days net should be made in US dollars. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Check — Please make checks payable to “Arbor Biosciences” and mail to the address specified on the invoice.
  • Credit Card — We accept credit card information over the PHONE or via FAX only. Please DO NOT send credit card information through e-mail We can also use PayPal if your institution accepts the use of a third-party card processor. If you request PayPal, we will send you an electronic invoice. A Paypal account is not required to pay for this invoice using a credit card.
  • Wire Transfer — If you elect to pay your invoice by wire transfer, we will include our bank information with the invoice. Payments must be made in US dollars.

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myTXTL (Cell-Free Protein Expression)
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If you need assistance placing an order, requesting a quote, or technical support, feel free to contact our team directly.