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Let us apply our unique targeted sequencing expertise to bring your NGS project success

The NGS experts at Arbor Biosciences have collective decades worth of experience tackling library preparation, target capture, and sequencing for a wide variety of projects. We have optimized our NGS library preparation for various sample types, whether fresh tissue extracts or degraded ancient remains, and can adjust experimental parameters to your unique application. We have completed hundreds of unique projects with our myReads® line of NGS services, processing thousands of samples, and have yielded a growing literature of demonstrated success.

Whether you are looking to use NGS target capture for the first time, or want to free up valuable bench time for your own expert research team, you can rely on outsourcing your next NGS target capture project to the myReads team at Arbor Biosciences. We will work directly with you to develop a project configuration that meets your research goals and budget. And you will enjoy the same collaborative spirit you get with all Arbor Biosciences products. With many of our satisfied clients returning for multiple projects over the years, we are honored to continue offering valuable, cost-effective myBaits target capture to the genetics research community. No matter what organism and type of sample you are working on, contact us today to learn how myReads NGS services can bring success to your next targeted sequencing project.


Featured Publications

S. Singhal et al. (2017). Squamate Conserved Loci (SqCL): A unified set of conserved loci for phylogenomics and population genetics of squamate reptiles. Molecular Ecology Resources

S. Ruane et al. (2017.) Phylogenomics using formalin-fixed and 100+ year-old intractable natural history specimens. Molecular Ecology Resources

B.M. vonHoldt, E. Shuldiner, et al. (2017). Structural variants in genes associated with human Williams-Beuren syndrome underlie stereotypical hypersociability in domestic dogs. Science Advances

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