myTags® Immortal Library – Unlabeled Probes

myTags® immortal probe libraries are amplifiable libraries that can be utilized to generate labeled myTags probes in-house.

Easily generate higher yields of labeled probes compared to other labeling methods while gaining the flexibility to select fluorophores or haptens of choice.  myTags immortal libraries are amplifiable, meaning there is an endless supply of probe library which can produce labeled probes from amplified pools of the original stock library. Immortal probe libraries are a great solution to minimizing long-term costs associated with large-scale projects. Additionally, we can provide oligo libraries with unique primer sets for labeling Oligopaints probes.

Probe Labeling

The myTags labeling method and technical support provided by Arbor Biosciences delivers the confidence required to label your probes in-house. The labeling process involves two simple transcription processes to transcribe large amounts of single-stranded DNA probes from small amounts of input DNA.

Pre-Labeled Probes

If pre-labeled, ready-to-use probes are preferred, please review the myTags Labeled Library option for your application. Arbor Biosciences provides complimentary probe design for either immortal or labeled libraries in order to deliver the best performance possible.

Note: We have updated the names of myTags immortal libraries to better reflect their intended coverage area on the target chromosomes. The maximum number of probes and pricing for each library has not changed. Please contact us with any questions or determine which solution is best suited for your intended application.

Features & Benefits

Easily evaluate various probe labels
In-house Labeling
Produce labeled probes as needed, when needed
Optimized Protocol
Generate high yields of labeled probes from low input amounts
Produce a never-ending supply of probes from the immortal library

Yes, we provide the myTags labeling protocol with all myTags immortal libraries for performing the labeling process in your own lab.

Generally we recommend probe densities between 3-10 probes per kilobase for target regions larger than 50kb. For target regions between 10-50kb, probe densities should be on the higher end of that range, and we may recommend using multiple fluorophores per probe to boost the signal.

We offer complementary FISH probe design service using our proprietary design algorithm for most types of FISH projects. Please contact us for design assistance.

We can often accommodate customer-designed probes into the myTags labeling framework. Please contact us for recommendations on the design parameters and other information before designing your probe sequences.

Yes, we can synthesize immortal probe libraries that can be labeled using the Oligopaints labeling method. Please note these probe libraries are not compatible with the myTags labeling protocol due to sequence requirements of the Oligopaints method.

We can work with any sequenced data to design probes. Please contact us with a brief description of your project, including the name of your study species, genomic coordinates, and any additional information.

We generally ask for up to 2-3 weeks after an order is placed to ship myTags libraries.

Ordering Information

Catalog # Description Quantity Price Contact Us
400201 myTags 180 Kb Immortal Probe Set 200 ng $460 Order Now
400401 myTags 400 Kb Immortal Probe Set 200 ng $635 Order Now
402001 myTags 2.0 Mb Immortal Probe Set 200 ng $1500 Order Now
404001 myTags 4.0 Mb Immortal Probe Set 200 ng $2500 Order Now
406001 myTags 6.0 Mb Immortal Probe Set 200 ng $3000 Order Now

Please note: The coverage area for each myTags immortal library is provided as a guide and based on a typical density of 10 probes per kb. Coverage of the final library may differ based on the probe design or specific application. Libraries are supplied as dsDNA at a minimum quantity of 200 ng.

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