myBaits® Mito – Target Capture Kits for Mitochondrial DNA

Mitogenome sequencing is popular for phylogenetics, population genetics, species identification, barcoding, and more.

Due to high endogenous copy numbers of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in each cell, it provides a favorable recovery from a variety of sample sources, even degraded or environmental DNA. Given the abundance of sample DNA and reduced genome size of mitochondria, this technique delivers a cost-effective solution for efficient mtDNA enrichment and NGS analysis for a range of human and other animal species. The haploid, maternally-inherited mitogenome has been a popular target for a variety of genetics research applications.

myBaits Mito panels from Arbor Biosciences are pre-designed with bait length, tiling density, and bait concentration appropriate for enriching mtDNA from any type of specimen, whether fresh, agricultural, environmental, forensic, ancient, or archival material. myBaits Mito panels are offered from a wide variety of organisms, including those highly relevant for archaeological or forensic research such as human, dog, horse, sheep, and many more. All myBaits kits from Arbor Biosciences include buffers, blockers, and baits for pairing with any NGS library. Review the list of available panels below to select an organism of choice or contact us regarding the availability of a specific species.

Features & Benefits

Predesigned panels
Optimized performance for immediate results
Simple protocol
Perfect for new or expert NGS users
Versatile sample type
Works even in samples with degraded or ancient DNA
Wide selection
Mix-and-match different panels for multi-species studies
Combine with custom baits for additional flexibility

Figure 1. NGS read alignment visualizing DNA library molecules from zooarchaeological ancient DNA specimen successfully enriched with a species-specific myBaits Mito panel. Full mitogenome coverage is obtained. myBaits Mito target capture kits can be purchased for use in any laboratory with user-supplied NGS libraries, or outsource the library preparation, target enrichment, and sequencing to Arbor Biosciences’ myReads NGS service team.

Current Version: v4

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Previous Version: v3

For kits received prior to April 2018

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Common Name Scientific Name Ref or NCBI Accession Bait FASTA
Human – Global Panel H. sapiens Representative Global Diversity Panel (197 sequences) Design Credit:
“Ana Duggan, Hendrik Poinar, & Renaud et al (2015)”
“Hsap-univ-baits-v1.fas (Bait Design Notes)
Human – RSRS H. sapiens Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence Behar et al (2012) / Hsap-RSRS-baits-v1.fas
Human – rCRS H. sapiens sapiens (Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence) NC_012920 Hsap-rCRS-baits-v1.fas
Human – Neanderthal H. sapiens neanderthalensis NC_011137 Hsap-nean-baits-v1.fas
Bison, American Bison bison NC_012346 Bbis-baits-v1.fas
Bear, brown Ursus arctos NC_003427 Uarc-baits-v1.fas
Camel, dromedary Camelus dromedarius NC_009849 Cdro-baits-v1.fas
Cat Felis catus NC_001700 Fcat-baits-v1.fas
Chicken Gallus gallus domesticus NC_001323 Ggal-baits-v1.fas
Cow Bos taurus NC_006853 Btau-baits-v1.fas
Deer, white-tailed Odocoileus virginianus NC_015247 Ovir-baits-v1.fas
Dog Canis lupus familiaris NC_002008 Clup-fam-baits-v1.fas
Donkey Equus asinus NC_001788 Easi-baits-v1.fas
Elephant, african Loxodonta africana NC_000934 Lafr-baits-v1.fas
Goat Capra hircus NC_005044 Chir-baits-v1.fas
Guinea pig Cavia porcellus NC_000884 Cpor-baits-v1.fas
Horse Equus caballus NC_001640 Ecab-baits-v1.fas
Leopard Panthera pardus NC_010641 Ppar-baits-v1.fas
Llama Lama glama NC_012102 Lgla-baits-v1.fas
Mouse, house Mus musculus NC_005089 Mmus-baits-v1.fas
Muskox Ovibos moschatus NC_020631 Omos-baits-v1.fas
Pig Sus scrofa NC_000835 Sscr-baits-v1.fas
Rabbit, domestic Oryctolagus cuniculus NC_001913 Ocun-baits-v1.fas
Rat, brown Rattus norvegicus NC_001665 Rnor-baits-v1.fas
Reindeer/Caribou Rangifer tarandus NC_007703 Rtar-baits-v1.fas
Salmon, Atlantic Salmo salar NC_001960 Ssal-baits-v1.fas
Sheep Ovis aries NC_001941 Oari-baits-v1.fas
Squirrel, Eurasian red Sciurus vulgaris NC_002369 Svul-baits-v1.fas

If an organism of interest is not listed in this table, please contact us for availability of other mitogenome baitsets.

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