myDNA™ – Error-free DNA

Many experiments involve tedious, error-prone DNA cloning and assembly steps prior to even starting an assay.

Error-free DNA eliminates these time-consuming steps and expensive error correction procedures. The myDNA™ product line from Arbor Biosciences offers cost-effective DNA synthesis solutions that save both time and labor to allow more rapid testing of genes, genetic circuits, and new DNA clones. myDNA is perfect for synthetic biology applications which require use of long DNA sequences or large scale assembly of DNA parts where these subunits and the final constructs need to be error-free so downstream processing can be performed with confidence.

We combine our robust parallel oligonucleotide synthesis technology to a revolutionary high-throughput, automated assembly process to produce fully sequenced, error-free plasmid DNA, with 99.5% or greater of DNA molecules delivered with the correct sequence. We can manufacture this DNA over a wide range of sizes from 20 bp up to 10 kbp or greater. With this flexible size range we can produce small DNA fragments, modular parts, genes, entire genetic circuits, or higher order assemblies. Avoid the tedious and time-consuming procedures associated with in-house DNA synthesis by letting the experts at Arbor Biosciences assemble high quality, low-cost DNA molecules ready for immediate use.

myDNA sequences are delivered cloned into a standard plasmid vector, ready for immediate testing or assembly into larger DNA sequences using the method of your choice (Gibson, Golden Gate, etc). Our standard pBR322 plasmid can be ampicillin and/or kanamycin resistant. If desired, we can flank your custom DNA sequence with restriction sites allowing scarless enzymatic removal of your sequence.

Plasmids can be delivered as purified DNA and/or transformed E. coli cells. For purified DNA, we guarantee delivery of at least 1 µg DNA per sequence. DNA can be delivered dry or dissolved in water at a predetermined concentration. To facilitate high-throughput applications as well as storage of large sample numbers, your DNA can be sorted into 96-well microplates (or in tubes for smaller orders). *Note that DNA in solution and transformed E. coli must be shipped on dry ice.

myDNA™ sequences are fully compatible with Golden Gate, Gibson and PCR assembly methods, as well as our cell-free transcription-translation system myTXTL® for rapid prototyping of linear or circularized DNA constructs. Additional applications include:

Please note that all sequences are screened for regulated pathogens in accordance with the International Gene Synthesis Consortium.

Discounts for 10 or more sequences

Pricing listed is for orders of 1-9 DNA sequences and discounts are provided for orders of 10 sequences or more. Please contact us for additional cost savings on orders of 20 or more sequences, as well as for pricing on large scale DNA synthesis contracts.

Ordering Process

  1. Download and complete the Under 10 or Over 10 order Sequence Submission Form
  2. Email the completed Sequence Submission Form to
  3. Once sequences are approved, an official quote will be emailed
  4. Place your order with our Order Form or an institutional PO

Delivery Format

myDNA constructs are delivered in individual tubes for up to 24 sequences. Orders of 24 sequences or more are provided in 96-well plate format. If sequences are desired to be delivered in a 96-well plate, please be sure to arrange sequences according to their appropriate well positions in the Order Form. If a different ordering format is preferred, please submit a spreadsheet or tab delimited file with a column each for sequence name and sequences along with your contact information.

Ordering Information

Catalog # Description Quantity Price Contact Us
600020 20-500 bp ≥1 µg $99/sequence Order Now
600501 501-2,000 bp ≥1 µg $0.18/bp Order Now
602001 2,001-5,000 bp ≥1 µg $0.20/bp Order Now
605001 5,001-10,000 bp ≥1 µg $0.27/bp Order Now
>10 kb ≥1 µg Contact Us Order Now