myNGS Guides™ MitoDeplete Kit

MitoDepleteTM | CRISPR-powered targeted depletion of unwanted mitochondrial DNA from next-generation sequencing libraries.

Sequence more of what matters by efficiently removing overly abundant mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing molecules from next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries with CRISPR/Cas-powered depletion from Arbor Biosciences. The myNGS Guides™ MitoDeplete Kit provides removal of up to 95% of mtDNA-derived templates from human and mouse based NGS libraries. The simple, single-tube incubation prior to sequencing delivers significant savings for ATAC-Seq library sequencing, anywhere from 30-70% depending on the level of mtDNA contamination in your ATAC-Seq library. A single reaction is enough to power mtDNA depletion of an entire sequencing lane in order to reduce per sample sequencing costs and provide room for more samples on each sequencing run.

CRISPR-Powered Technology

myNGS Guides Depletion Workflow

Fig 1. Depletion via cutting unwanted molecules. Site-specific RNPs hybridize with and then cleave molecules that are already converted to a sequencing library. Only the remaining non-cleaved molecules are sequenceable by downstream platform thus enriching libraries for molecules of interest.


Human & Mouse mtDNA

The team at Arbor Biosciences has developed panels of guide RNA’s which are highly specific to the human and mouse mitochondrial with minimal reactivity to the organismal genome. Depletion of greater than 95% mtDNA-derived templates in human and mouse generated NGS libraries. These catalog panels are perfect for pairing with ATAC-Seq libraries to reduce the wasted expense of sequencing contaminating mtDNA molecules. The one-step, single-tube incubation prior to sequencing is compatible with individual or pooled libraries. Easily utilize on newly generated libraries or rescue previously sequenced libraries which were over-run with mtDNA to discover more valuable low-abundant sequences.

Custom Species mtDNA

Thanks to our ultra-efficient parallelized nucleic acid synthesis technology, Arbor is uniquely equipped to provide robust, affordable, expert-designed gRNA libraries of up to thousands of unique sequences, specifically for CRISPR-powered targeted mtDNA depletion in your species of choice. As with all of our genomics and synthetic biology products, we offer complimentary expert-design consultation to aid in achieving your project goals. Contact us for a custom MitoDeplete kit powered by Arbor’s myNGS Guides.


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Features & Benefits

Process Multiple Libraries
One reaction is enough to treat an entire sequencing lane
Species Specific Panels
Human, Mouse, and Custom species-specific
Reduced Sequencing Costs
Significant savings for ATAC-Seq library sequencing
Single-tube Processing
One-step incubation prior to sequencing

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