myTXTL® CRISPR – Cell-Free Optimization

myTXTL® CRISPR is a fast and easy-to-use solution for CRISPR analysis and optimization.

myTXTL® CRISPR is a fast and easy-to-use solution for CRISPR analysis and optimization in vitro. Gene transcription (TX) and translation (TL) is executed in a single reaction tube by a highly efficient cell-free system that utilizes the endogenous TXTL machinery from E. coli. The all-in-one solution offers convenient one-step gene expression from a simple nucleotide template for various applications in synthetic biology and biomanufacturing.

The myTXTL® platform is based on the revolutionary TXTL technology developed by Vincent Noireaux, PhD at the University of Minnesota. The system employs the endogenous core RNA polymerase and primary sigma factor 70 (σ70) present in the E. coli cytoplasm. The technology has been well characterized and proven useful for a wide variety of applications such as high yield protein synthesis, prototyping of biomolecular networks, bacteriophage production and high-throughput protein expression analysis.

myTXTL® CRISPR kits contain ready-to-use Master Mix comprised of E. coli cell extract, energy buffer and amino acids mix optimized for coupled TXTL to maximize experimental analysis of CRISPR.


Features & Benefits

All-in-one Solution
Simply mixing template DNA and ready-to-use myTXTL Master Mix.
Minimal investment
Only standard laboratory equipment required.
Fast processing
Save time by avoiding transformation, clone selection and cell lysis.
High-throughput screening
Process more samples within a single experiment.

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