myTags® Labeled Library – Ready-to-use FISH Probes

myTags® labeled probes are a simple solution for producing successful hybridization to targets in FISH applications

Due to the short size of the probes and the consistent melting temperature range, these probes are able to efficiently cross cell barriers and bind to their intended target. myTags improve experimental results by reducing non-specific hybridization and background signal which typically occur with traditional BAC catalog probes.

Labeled myTags probes are delivered ready-to-use at a minimum yield of 500pmol of single-stranded DNA. The probes can be single- or triple-labeled with a fluorophore of choice, and we can assist in selecting compatible fluorophore combinations for multi-color FISH or other applications requiring multiple fluorophores. If a desired labeling option is not listed in our standard offering, please contact us for availability.

We offer free assistance in designing probes or can incorporate self-designed probes into the myTags labeling system. myTags FISH probes have been successfully used in specialized applications including 3D DNA-FISH, Cryo-FISH, and RNA-FISH in a variety of cell types.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Quantity
Up to tens of thousands of probes per library
Labeled Probes
Ready for use in labeling assays
High Specificity
Probes bind only to intended targets, reducing background noise
Variety of Labels
Range of fluorophores available for various microscopy filters
Custom Designs
Produce probes specific only to genomic regions of interest

Choose from our standard offering of popular fluorophores and haptens, including biotin and digoxigenin. Probes can be single-labeled or triple-labeled with fluorophores to boost signal. Contact us regarding any label you would like that is not included in our standard offering.

Fluorophore labeling options

Generally we recommend probe densities between 3-10 probes per kilobase for target regions larger than 50kb. For target regions between 10-50kb, probe densities should be on the higher end of that range, and we may recommend using multiple fluorophores per probe to boost the signal.

We offer complementary FISH probe design service using our proprietary design algorithm for most types of FISH projects. Please contact us with a brief description of your project, including the name of your study species, genomic coordinates, and any additional information.

We can work with any sequence to design probes. Please contact us with a brief description of your project, including the name of your study species, genomic coordinates, and any additional information.

The number of assays per library depends on a number of factors including the probe density of your library, the size of your target region, the number of probes in the library, and the FISH protocol. Generally we recommend starting with 10pmol of labeled probes per standard FISH slide and then modifying the input amount based on the initial results.

Atto-550 is our most popular dye labeling option, followed by Atto-488, Atto-594, and Atto-647N. Biotin, Digoxigenin and 6FAM are also popular options that work well in multi-color FISH assays.

We may be able to accommodate other labeling options, please contact us for availability.

myTags FISH libraries are compatible with most FISH protocols. Please contact us for recommendations.

We generally ask for up to 3-4 weeks after an order is placed to ship myTags libraries.

Ordering Information

Catalog # Description Quantity Price Contact Us
402007 myTags 20K 700: 1-20K oligos, single-labeled ssDNA 700 pmol $1750 Order Now
402010 myTags 20K 1000: 1-20K oligos single-labeled ssDNA 1,000 pmol $2500 Order Now
404007 myTags 40K 700: 20k-40k oligos, single-labeled ssDNA 700 pmol $2200 Order Now
406007 myTags 60K 700: 40k-60k oligos, single-labeled ssDNA 700 pmol $2650 Order Now

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