Synthetic Biology

The goal of synthetic biologists is to design and build novel biological systems from the molecular to organismal levels that are capable of unique functions, such as diagnosing disease or producing a drug or biofuel.

The field of synthetic biology has grown exponentially with the sequencing of multiple genomes, the decrease in DNA synthesis costs, advances in bioinformatics and DNA design programs, and the expansion of the synbiologist’s toolbox to include a vast array of modular parts for construction of custom systems. The design-build-test-learn cycle, previously used mostly in engineering fields, has become a feasible and readily applied approach to rapidly create new biological systems.

It is critical the DNA and RNA building blocks utilized for synthetic constructs be of high fidelity to allow confident interpretation of results for a tested design. Arbor Biosciences offers myDNA error-free DNA, high fidelity sgRNA and long single-stranded DNA for genome editing and regulation through our myCRISPR product line. Additionally, testing new designs in living organisms can be laborious, however with Arbor Biosciences’ myTXTL cell-free transcription-translation system testing can be carried out in as little as a few hours while hundreds to thousands of tests can be conducted simultaneously with the availability of automation. We also provide a repository of error-free plasmids and modular parts for rapidly prototyping gene circuits in the myTXTL system through our myDNA synthesis service, which can be used to synthesize customized error-free modular parts for any novel system.

At Arbor Biosciences, we thrive on being able to bring diverse applications and creative customer ideas to fruition. Synthetic biology involves the intersection of multiple fields and our scientists have a diverse background in biology, chemistry and engineering to help execute innovative designs for unique applications. We provide high-quality, affordable products for custom projects to researchers around the world and our team of experienced scientists are readily available to assist with designing and optimizing your custom synthetic biology project.

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