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Phone : +1 734-998-0751 | Fax: +1 734-998-0750
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General inquiries regarding the company, current and future products, collaborative research and development, custom probe design, delivery time, etc.

Sales-related questions including placing orders, inquiries about orders in fulfillment, requests for quotes, volume discount and special orders.

Technical questions regarding use, protocols, and troubleshooting for all of our products.

myBaits (Targeted Sequencing)
myReads (NGS Services)
myTags (FISH Probes)
myArray (Microarrays)
myCRISPR (Custom DNA & RNA)
myDNA (Gene Synthesis)
myLib (Oligo Pools)
myTXTL (Cell-Free Protein Expression)
myNGS Guides (CRISPR Driven Targeted Sequencing)

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