Expertise, at your side

As scientists with extensive research experience, we share your drive to discover. We serve as an extension of your team, actively partnering to understand your objectives and to help ensure optimal results. Your project success is our priority.

Custom-tailored solutions

New areas of inquiry often demand innovative research solutions. We customize our products and services to meet your specific requirements—whether you need custom-designed probes, a sequencing solution for an elusive target, or a more efficient process for screening proteins.

We love a challenge

Daicel Arbor excels in delivering excellent results for the most challenging applications. Based on breakthrough science, our products and services have been proven through thousands of successful research programs worldwide—many with complex protocols or degraded samples.

Making it easy

Daicel Arbor makes it easy to access the tools and expertise you need to advance your projects. Our experts are available to provide answers and guidance. We genuinely enjoy working with clients and form long-term relationships that make interactions satisfying.