Custom Products For Your Unique Applications
Arbor Biosciences specializes in fully custom microarrays in a variety of flexible formats, with up to 6 arrays per slide.
myArray™ – Custom Designed Microarrays

Arbor Biosciences specializes in manufacturing fully custom microarrays in a variety of flexible formats, with up to 6 arrays per slide, under our myArray™ product portfolio.

myBaits® is a popular custom system for efficient, in-solution target enrichment for high-throughput sequencing.
myBaits Expert Wheat Exome Panel

The new myBaits® Expert Wheat Exome panel was developed in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) using the most up to date genome assembly and annotation set of Chinese Spring. The panel enriches for the complete high-confidence exon-annotated genome in hexaploid wheat, retrieving over 250 megabases of CDS and CDS-proximate regions of […]

myBaits® Expert Panels – Microbial Universal – 16S-Hyb

The 16S rRNA gene sequence is frequently used to identify and profile membership of bacterial communities.  The utility of studying 16S for microbial classification and phylogenetic analysis was demonstrated over 40 years ago by Carl Woese, and its impact has only increased over time.  Defining and understanding the relationships within a microbial community has a […]

myBaits® Expert Panels – Plant Universal – Angiosperms

Combining the flexible hybridization power of in-solution target capture with an expertly selected set of orthologous locus sequences, this new probe set has been demonstrated to enrich hundreds of putatively single-copy protein-coding genes across a broad range of angiosperms (flowering plants). Probes were designed from 353 loci, each with 5-15 representative sequences from across all […]

myBaits® – Targeted Sequencing Kits

Target enrichment via hybridization-based capture is one of the most powerful and versatile next generation sequencing (NGS) tools available today, enabling orders of magnitude more efficient sequencing in any organism.

myBaits® WGE – Whole Genome Enrichment

Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE) is in-solution based target capture of genome-wide DNA from a complex or non-pure DNA source.

myBaits® UCEs – Target Capture for UltraConserved Elements

Ultraconserved Elements (UCEs) are highly conserved genomic regions shared among evolutionary distant taxa which are genomically flanked by more divergent sequences.

myBaits® Onconome v2 – Target Capture Kit for Oncology Research

The myBaits Onconome v2 NGS capture kit targets thousands of exons in hundreds of cancer-related genes.

myBaits® Mito – Target Capture Kits for Mitochondrial DNA

Sequencing of the haploid, maternally-inherited mitochondrial genome is a popular target for many research applications including phylogenetics, population genetics, species identification, barcoding, and more.

myBaits® Custom Target Capture Kits

myBaits® custom target enrichment kits offer focused, affordable targeted sequencing panels for any organism and any project size.

Cut with confidence using high quality, cost-effective myCrisprTM DNA and RNA products!
myCRISPR™ – Highly Customizable DNA & RNA

CRISPR-mediated genome editing is a rapidly expanding technology that requires adaptability and reliability.

myCRISPR® – Utilizing HDR Templates

HDR templates that mediate genome repair can either be double or single-stranded DNA.

Error-free DNA eliminates time consuming steps and expensive error correction procedures.
myDNA™ – Error-free DNA

Many experiments involve tedious, error-prone DNA cloning and assembly steps prior to even starting an assay. Error-free DNA eliminates these time-consuming steps and expensive error correction procedures.

We have selected the best of oligonucleotide chemistry (high yield, low cost) and combined it with digital lithography for maximum flexibility in parallel synthesis.
myLib® – ssDNA & dsDNA Oligo Libraries

Custom oligonucleotide library synthesis for molecules ranging from 50 to at least 100 nucleotides in length, depending on the sequence of the requested oligo library.

myNGS Guides®
myNGS Guides™ MitoDeplete Kit

Sequence more of what matters by efficiently removing overly abundant mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing molecules from next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries with CRISPR/Cas-powered depletion from Arbor Biosciences. The myNGS GuidesTM MitoDepleteTM Kit provides removal of up to 95% of mtDNA-derived templates from human and mouse based NGS libraries. This simple, single-tube incubation prior to sequencing delivers […]

myNGS Guides – sgRNA Pools for CRISPR-powered NGS

Affordable, robust, expert-designed guide RNA libraries of up to thousands of unique sequences, for CRISPR/Cas-driven targeted sequencing.

We offer many in-house service options to meet your next-gen sequencing research needs.
myReads® – NGS Services for Targeted Sequencing

The myReads® services team at Arbor Biosciences is ready for your NGS target capture project.

myTags® are custom designed labeled nucleic acid probes for detection and visualization of complementary nucleic acids, such as custom FISH probes.
myTags® – Custom Designed FISH Libraries

myTags® are oligonucleotide probes for detection and visualization of complementary genomic targets in FISH, cytogenetics, and other applications.

myTags® Labeled Library – Ready-to-use FISH Probes

myTags® labeled probes are a simple solution for producing successful fluorescent hybridization to oligo targets in a sample, whether locating genomic targets in FISH or reporting the presence of particular oligo sequences in solution.

myTags® Immortal Library – Unlabeled Probes

myTags® immortal probe libraries are amplifiable libraries that can be utilized to generate labeled myTags probes in-house.

myTXTL® is a fast and easy-to-use kit for in vitro protein expression.
myTXTL® T7 Expression Kit

All-in-One Solution The myTXTL® T7 Expression kit is based on our LS70 Master Mix technology utilized in the myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit, and has been engineered for maximum robustness and reliable performance when using T7 promoter-driven constructs. The myTXTL® T7 Expression Kit contains a P70a-T7rnap HP plasmid which delivers continuous production of T7 RNA polymerase in addition to an E. […]

myTXTL® – Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection

myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection is an excellent source for designing gene circuits.

myTXTL® – Linear DNA Expression Kit

myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is optimized for cell-free protein synthesis from linear DNA templates.

myTXTL® – Sigma 70 Master Mix Kit

myTXTL® is a fast and easy-to-use solution for protein expression in vitro.

myTXTL® CRISPR – Cell-Free Optimization

myTXTL® CRISPR is a fast and easy-to-use solution for CRISPR analysis and optimization.

myTXTL® – Cell-Free Protein Expression

myTXTL® is a fast and easy-to-use solution for protein expression in vitro.