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New Product Release

We are proud to announce the release of the new myTXTL T7 Expression Kit for cell-free protein expression of T7 promoter driven constructs and plasmids. The complete kit combines our powerful LS70 master mix with elevated production of T7 RNA polymerase for continuous expression of T7-driven templates from either linear or circular DNA. Learn More.

News & Events

Arbor Biosciences partners with Curio Genomics for bioinformatics of wheat exome. Press Release.

Arbor Biosciences launches CRISPR-Powered mitochondrial DNA depletion kits. Press Release.

38th American Society for Virology

July 20-24, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

Arbor Biosciences, formerly MYcroarray®, is a biotech company specializing in custom, affordable solutions for synthetic biology and NGS target enrichment.
Our suite of products support a wide range of applications:
Characterizing agricultural crops, livestock, and pest genomes has led to tremendous improvements in crop productivity and disease resistance.
Cell-Free Protein Expression
Cell-free protein expression has become a popular tool in many biology fields ranging from synthetic biology to industrial biomanufacturing.
FISH & Fluorescent Reporters
Identifying the presence of targets in a sample can be challenging when working with out-dated, generic catalog probes that are not optimized to your specific project.
Genome Editing
Editing genomes and regulating gene expression has become standard practice in many molecular biology labs.
NGS Services
Leverage Arbor Biosciences' expertise and efficiency for confident library prep and targeted sequencing.
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) capture technologies have revolutionized genetic sequencing of ancient DNA (aDNA) and degraded samples.
Resolve nodes both deep and shallow with targeted next-gen sequencing of tens to thousands of genetic loci.
Synthetic Biology
The goal of synthetic biologists is to design and build novel biological systems from the molecular to organismal levels that are capable of unique functions, such as diagnosing disease or producing a drug or biofuel.
Targeted Sequencing
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms have revolutionized the scale and power of modern genetics studies.
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