myBaits Expert Wheat Exome Panel

Wheat Exome | Enrich for over 250 megabases of high-confidence exons from a wide variety of cultivars.

The new myBaits® Expert Wheat Exome panel was developed in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) using the most up to date genome assembly and annotation set of Chinese Spring. The panel enriches for the complete high-confidence exon-annotated genome in hexaploid wheat, retrieving over 250 megabases of CDS and CDS-proximate regions of the greater than 15 GB Triticum aestivum genome.

  • Developed with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium
  • 2 million probes targeting >200 megabases of high-confidence exons
  • Compatible with hexaploid and tetraploid cultivars of wheat
  • Pairs with all library preps and sequencing platforms

This kit saves the exome-focused researcher orders of magnitude in sequencing and analysis costs compared to whole genome sequencing, and pairs seamlessly with virtually all library preparation chemistries and sequencing platforms. The Wheat Exome v1 panel is provided as a complete in-solution target capture kit including buffers, blockers, and baits, along with an easy-to-use protocol.

 NGS Services

If a complete solution is required, the myReads® NGS service team at Arbor Biosciences is available to perform library preparation, target capture, and sequencing for your entire project. Additionally, we are offering bioinformatics services in partnership with Curio Genomics to deliver an end-to-end solution for wheat exome sequencing. Contact a scientist from the myReads® NGS service team to design a wheat sequencing project that aligns with your budget and project goals.


NGS read alignments to 4 wheat cultivars for the gamma gliadin member 1 gene, showing exon and probe locations.

Fig. 1. The Wheat Exome panel provides reliable capture of diverse sequences. myBaits chemistry allows highly reproducible coverage across divergent cultivars. Unique read coverage and polymorphisms in 4 distinct cultivars are shown for the gamma gliadin member 1 gene.

Bioinformatics Services & Analysis

We have partnered with Curio Genomics on bioinformatics analysis of the myBaits Expert Wheat Exome panel in order to provide a complete solution for wheat exome sequencing. In collaboration with the IWGSC, we have added the RefSeq v1.0 wheat genome assembly to Curio’s platform in order to deliver a streamlined solution for analyzing sequencing data.

  • Sequencing data processed by myReads NGS Services team
  • Available as a full service sequencing project or paired with the myBaits kit
  • Compatible with hexaploid and tetraploid cultivars of wheat
  • Easily review and share analysis within Curio platform

The platform streamlines bioinformatics analysis by moving beyond the typical pipeline approach of serial processes through parallel processing sequencing data. Curio’s unique incremental and parallel approach to processing wheat exome data allows users to compare between samples, change analytical settings, and apply different filters all in real time, with the results immediately at their fingertips. Bioinformatics services are available from Arbor Biosciences through the myReads NGS Services as a full service project, from DNA to variant calling, or for samples processed in your own lab with the myBaits Expert Wheat Exome Panel.

Curio Genomics Platform

Curio Platform Wheat Variants
Fig. 2. The Curio Genomics platform provides real time editing and analysis of wheat exome panel data. This intuitive, user-friendly interface provides rapid processing and review of NGS data, and is available for wheat exome data analysis either bundled with a full-service package, or as a standalone service.

Fig 2. Target coverage (left, green) and reads on-target (right, blue) for 8 cultivar samples captured in a single reaction. With only ~18Gbp sequencing effort per sample, the Wheat Exome v1 kit consistently provides an average 34X unique read coverage across >200 Mbp of target space, overlapping >95% of the IWGSC v1.1 high-confidence exon annotations.


Table 1. Summary design and read coverage metrics for the Wheat Exome v1 kit, demonstrating consistently high average read coverage across >250 Mb of total genomic target space, including 97% of the high-confidence exon annotations in the IWGSCv1 wheat genome assembly, for the target+200bp padded target interval set.

Current Version: v0.9

For kits received starting in August 2019


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309196 myBaits Wheat Exome Capture Kit 96 Reactions $27,840 Order Now
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Each Wheat Exome enrichment reaction accommodates 8 sequencing libraries.

* Pricing for myReads services are listed as per sample for the requested quantity.