About Us

Dr. Jean-Marie Rouillard – Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Rouillard co-founded MYcroarray in 2006 after spending time as a research investigator in Dr. Gulari’s lab at the University of Michigan. He has a vast amount of experience in developing molecular biology technologies, custom DNA microarray synthesizers, devices for embedded molecular biology processes, and bioinformatics pipelines which are at the foundation of technologies provided by Arbor Biosciences. He earned his PhD at University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris and has collaborated with thought leaders in genetics and synthetic biology to deliver innovative solutions for complex research questions.

Dr. Erdogan Gulari – Co-Founder & Managing Partner

In addition to his roles at Arbor Biosciences, Dr. Gulari is the Donald L. Katz Collegiate Chair, Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University for Michigan. He translated his core competency in massively parallel synthesis of DNA and fabrication of microfluidic systems into the foundation of MYcroarray in 2006, which is now Arbor Biosciences. He has decades of experience developing solutions for problems in synthetic  biology, health care and energy & environment. Prior to MYcroarray, Dr. Gulari was a co-founder of Xeotron and Atactic Technologies both of which were active genomics tool developers. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

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