An additional application for the myTXTL Pro kit is that it can be used to reboot bacteriophage from a genome input. Several phages have been shown to replicate in the myTXTL system and they generally benefit from the following modifications:

1) The addition of 0.3 mM each of additional dNTPs (for replication of DNA genomes) and 0.5-4% PEG 8000 can be helpful for optimal production of phage. These components along with your genome, 9 uL of Pro Master Mix, and water if needed should add up to 12 uL and be assembled in a 1.5/2 mL tube. Larger reaction volumes may require shaking as described in the manual for larger scale reactions. Incubate overnight as in our protocol.
2) You may also need to optimize the phage genome concentration if it is not already published. 0.25 nM has worked well for T7 but T4 was optimal at 1 nM. In part this is dependent on the quality of the genome. It is extremely important that the phage genome is of very high purity, free of contaminants and of high integrity.
3) Commercially available T7 phage genomic DNA can be used directly in the Pro Master Mix as a positive control (we have used DNA from BocaScientific: