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Arbor Bioscience and Curio Genomics announced an exciting expansion of their existing partnership today at the 28th International Plant and Animal Genome conference in San Diego. The enhanced partnership promises to deliver a host of additional first-in-class products and solutions to the plant research and development community in commercial, as well as, non-profit foundations, consortia, and academic institutions.

With a potential deal value exceeding $1 million, the multiyear partnership leverages the core expertise and experience of each company to deliver cutting-edge, robust and comprehensive products for customers. Daicel Arbor Biosciences brings decades of combined expertise in NGS with novel advanced synthesis chemistry and expert scientific consulting to develop both catalog and custom targeted sequencing panels. Curio Genomics brings decades of experience in big-data commercial software platforms designed from the beginning for limitless scalability and extensibility, essential for genomic research with larger data sets, new types, and greater demand to integrative analyses each year.

“This is a transformative partnership for Curio,” said David Brabec, Curio’s Chief Business Officer. “We know that researchers, both commercial and academic, want and need solutions that are continuously cutting-edge, if we are going to continue feeding a growing world in a time when our climate is rapidly changing. Daicel Arbor Biosciences’ decades of combined scientific expertise in NGS and their track record of delighted customers was a key for us choosing them as our first major partner.”

“Curio is the perfect partner as we continue to expand Arbor’s solutions to enhance and simplify research for our customers,” said Arbor Bioscience’s Director of Genomics, Alison Devault. “The plant genomics space is an incredibly exciting business opportunity, but also a truly meaningful research space for translational and social impact. We are proud to be making such a visible commitment to this important and adapting market.”

Product Roadmap

The companies’ announcement included immediate plans to expand their existing and acclaimed wheat exome and complete genome analysis solution by fully integrating their current offerings by mid-2020 with new capabilities for wheat researchers, such assupport for RNA-Seq and methylation analysis, to be released later in 2020, and over the course of the multiyear partnership. The companies also announced immediate plans to co-develop products for additional species beyond wheat and will disclose these product plans at a later date.

“With Arbor’s decades of combined experience in NGS, we will leverage the power of the Curio® platform to provide whole genomic research teams a collaborative and endlessly extensible environment for real-time processing, analysis and interpretation of plant genomic data,” said Curio’s co-founder and CTO, Shawn Quinn. “We are excited to provide complete solutions for researchers from question to sample to insight and back again.”


About Daicel Arbor Biosciences, Inc.

Daicel Arbor Biosciences, a division of Chiral Technologies, Inc. and a subsidiary of Daicel Corporation, is a development and manufacturing company founded by scientists to serve our peers in molecular biology applications. We are a passionate organization of scientists determined to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly products to researchers of genetics and synthetic biology. The team at Daicel Arbor Biosciences prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service and timely technical support to new or advanced users on our array of products. We routinely collaborate with our customers and research partners to develop innovative solutions to address their unique applications.

About Curio Genomics

Curio Genomics leverages its decades of big data commercial software development experience to provide the robust, rapidly extensible bioinformatics platform called Curio™. The guiding principle of Curio Genomics is that software should facilitate genomic research, not consume it. Through fully integrated partnerships with Next-Gen Sequencing leaders, Curio provides powerful, first-in-class product solutions that empower researchers from sample-to-insight. For information about Curio Genomics unique bioinformatics software platform, visit

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