To produce a Custom WGE panel, a high-purity, high-molecular weight genomic DNA (gDNA) sample is required to be shipped to Arbor’s manufacturing facility in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

If you do not have access to the appropriate gDNA, for some organisms Arbor may be able to provide the additional service of acquiring the gDNA sample(s) from a third-party vendor.

Custom gDNA sourcing service is only upon prior arrangement and approval by Arbor. This service is only available for species whose genomic DNAs are available from vendors supplying the US. The gDNA sample(s) must be available for Arbor to purchase in sufficient quantity as a commercial entity without any special licenses, acquisition or use permits, or memberships.

Please contact us to provide specific details on the gDNA source(s)/species that you are interested in, and we will review the request to determine feasibility and pricing.