Yes, the Library Preparation Kit for myBaits is compatible with a wide range of input DNA qualities, from high-molecular weight to highly degraded.

However, some degraded sample types (such as formalin-fixed, ancient DNA, and others) may have chemical modifications, crosslinking, sequence breaks, or other types of damage that can restrict the conversion those DNA molecules into a functional NGS library. In order to be compatible with this Library Prep Kit, the target DNA molecules must be double-stranded and able to be enzymatically end-polished and adenylated (A/T overhang) to enable ligation of the sequencing adapters.

Regardless, the enzymatic fragmentation outcome will be affected by the starting length of your DNA samples. Please see the kit manual for technical recommendations for selecting the correct fragmentation approach for your project goals. In brief, the final length of DNA after fragmentation will depend on the (1) length of starting genomic DNA and (2) the chosen fragmentation time.