The Library Prep Kit for myBaits is compatible with a wide range of pre-built or DIY adapters or primers. The adapters used must be T-overhang-containing double-stranded adapters. These can be either short (“stubby”) adapters OR full-length adapters that contain sample-specific barcodes. If using stubby adapters, indexing primers that add universal P5 and P7 priming sites are also required. See the kit manual for further technical information about adapters and primers.

We recommend using unique dual indexes. When selecting indexes, ensure that all libraries that you ever plan to co-enrich or co-sequence have unique index combos.

For your convenience, below are listed some commercially-available adapter and barcoding solutions designed for Illumina(R) short-read sequencing, but other vendors also supply compatible options.

Stubby adapters + indexing primers

  • IDT
    • xGen™ Stubby Adapter in 16 rxn (10005974) or 96 rxn (10005924)
    • xGen™ UDI Primer Pairs in 8nt 16 rxn (10005975), 8nt Plate 1 (10005922), 10nt Plates 1-4 (10008052), 10nt Plates 1-8 (10008053), or 10nt Plates 1-16 (10008054)
  • NEB
    • NEBNext® Multiplex Oligos for Illumina® | 96 Unique Dual Index Primer Pairs – Set 1 (E6440S), Set 2 (E6442S), Set 3 (E6444S), Set 4 (E6446S), Set 5 (E6448S). (Note: Do not use the included “NEBNext Adaptor” unless you open the hairpin loop with USER treatment.)

Full-length adapters

  • IDT
    • xGen™ UDI-UMI Adapters in 16 rxn (10006914) or 96 rxn (10005903)
  • NEB
    • NEBNext® Multiplex Oligos for Illumina® | Unique Dual Index UMI Adaptors DNA – Set 1 (E7395S), Set 2 (E7874S), Set 3 (E7876S), Set 4 (E7878S)