• Biotinylated RNA probes, with sequences corresponding to your custom design or a predesigned catalog option
  • Hybridization and wash reagents
  • For myBaits Custom kits, optional custom probe design informatics service (= expert bioinformaticians design and filter bait sequences and provide summary report and recommendations)

You will receive enough probes and reagents for performing the stated number of individual capture reactions of your kit size (e.g., 16 reactions) according to our current protocol. Please note that there are some additional reagents and equipment you will need to supply in order to perform a myBaits capture. Please review the list of required materials in the applicable myBaits manual to make sure you have everything you need before starting your experiments.

We also offer reagents for preparing libraries from DNA samples in advance of performing the myBaits hybridization capture step. Please visit Library Prep Kit for myBaits for more information.

If you are looking to outsource your project to a full-service laboratory and bioinformatics services group, please visit our myReads NGS laboratory and bioinformatics services page for more information about our comprehensive targeted sequencing service options (library preparation, target capture, next-generation sequencing, and optional analysis).