For standalone orders and/or complex probe designs requiring up to 100K+ oligos, our Single Synthesis option provides maximum value. For smaller and/or multiple designs, our new Indexed Synthesis option maximizes both flexibility and cost-effectiveness. All probesets are delivered individually (200 ng minimum yield) and include composition verification via next-generation sequencing to confirm the quality of probe synthesis.

Arbor’s experts will assist you with determining which of our product configurations is most appropriate for your experimental goals and target type(s). You will have full transparency and control over the entire process. Contact us today to get started with your next project and experience the many benefits of using synthetic custom (F)ISH probes.

With Arbor’s flexible oligo synthesis manufacturing technology, we offer two configurations:

Single Synthesis

  • Oligo pools containing 1 probeset design
  • Can contain up to 108K unique probe sequences per design (larger pools may be available)
  • 6 different sizes, depending on total number of probes in design: 1-1.8K, 1.8K-4K, 4K-27K, 27K-54K, 54K-81K, or 81K-108K probe sequences

Indexed Synthesis

  • Oligo pools containing 2-10 probeset designs per synthesis event (up to 27K total oligos)
  • If >10 designs and/or >27K oligos are needed, add additional oligo pools to scale up
  • Oligos are separated into individual probesets via PCR deconvolution

Note: With Indexed Synthesis, short index sequences remain present on the final probe oligos, but are short and not expected to interfere with downstream (F)ISH protocols.

For all myTags Custom orders, final oligo pool composition is verified by next-generation sequencing (NGS), and oligos are delivered as individual probesets.

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