We offer a full suite of services for next-generation sequencing projects, on both regular specimens as well as degraded specimens such ancient DNA including:

  • Extraction of DNA and RNA from fresh or degraded samples
  • Short-insert DNA and RNA library preparation suitable for downstream sequencing with Illumina and similar platforms
  • Long-insert DNA library preparation suitable for downstream PacBio and Nanopore platforms
  • Target enrichment using myBaits catalog and custom kits
  • High-throughput sequencing on Illumina and PacBio instruments

Demonstration of a range of customizable NGS library insert size options available from NGS services team at Daicel Arbor Biosciences. Our experts can help you to choose the best average insert length appropriate for your specific myBaits target capture project, whether SNP resequencing, exon capture, UCE sequencing, or more. Depending on the quality of your DNA, the nature of your desired target regions, and your planned sequencing platform and read protocol, your project may benefit from either shorter or longer NGS library sizes.