Use myBaits Custom Methyl-Seq with PCR-amplified and amplifiable NGS libraries generated from bisulfite- or enzymatically-converted nucleic acids in which non-methylated cytosines have been converted to uracils, and following PCR amplification these positions are now thymines. Compatible formats include Illumina® TruSeq®-style, Illumina Nextera® Flex-style, Ion Torrent®, or other libraries with universal adapter priming sites. Do NOT use myBaits with PCR-free libraries; additionally, myBaits are incompatible with libraries made using original Nextera or Nextera XT library preparation kits, or any library type containing biotin. Dual-indexed libraries are strongly recommended to reduce the hazard of mis-indexing induced by PCR jumping events. The applicable myBaits manual provides detailed protocol instructions for enriching libraries intended for methylation sequencing.

If you are using a never-before-tried library prep protocol to pair with your myBaits kit, we recommend that you first perform some total library (shotgun) sequencing before doing myBaits enrichment. This is important in order to verify that your chosen library prep protocol/kit generates libraries of sufficient complexity and minimal bias in your hands, otherwise you may experience poor target capture results. High quality libraries are absolutely essential for achieving a successful target capture project.