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The myReads NGS services team at Daicel Arbor Biosciences is ready for your next sequencing project.

We offer competitively-priced services for DNA- or RNA-seq library preparation, targeted sequencing via hybridization-based capture with myBaits, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) on multiple platforms. In collaboration with you, we assist in selecting the most appropriate project configuration to accommodate the research goals, sample quality, and budget of your project. We accept NGS projects from any organism or application, and routinely utilize one of our myBaits target capture panels, whether for a customized set of targets or one of our many predesigned panels.

  • Proven system – Consistent results from high-complexity NGS library preparation
  • Fast turn-around – From DNA to sequence data in weeks
  • Multiple sample types – Utilize fresh, degraded, metagenomics, or even ancient DNA
  • Collaborative process – Design consultation to meet project budget and goals
  • Multiple sequencing platforms – Select from Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio
  • Volume discounts – Tiered per-sample pricing for larger projects

A typical custom myReads project takes 1-4 months, depending on current queues. This includes time for new myBaits Custom kit probe design and synthesis (if applicable), sample QC, NGS library preparation, hybridization capture, and Illumina sequencing with our standard configuration.


We offer affordable pricing for projects of any size, and can typically provide project estimates within 24-48 hours. Relevant parameters include (a) number of samples, (b) DNA/RNA amount, damage, and purity, (c) hybridization capture target and experimental details, (d) sequencing platform and depth, and more.



The myReads NGS Services team at Daicel Arbor Biosciences provide full-service solutions for NGS shotgun or targeted sequencing projects, for both DNA and RNA sequencing. This continues Daicel Arbor Biosciences long tradition of offering customized, affordable targeted sequencing solutions to the NGS research community, especially for complex or difficult samples. The myReads seasoned scientific team has decades of collective experience with planning and executing custom NGS projects, including a wide range of novel applications and difficult specimens such as ancient DNA. Our team has facilitated hundreds of projects and thousands of client samples through successful library preparation, capture, and/or sequencing. Contact us today to jump start your next NGS project!

NGS Library Preparation

  • Short-insert DNA or RNA library prep
  • Long-insert DNA or cDNA library prep
  • Specialized double or single-stranded chemistry for degraded/ancient DNA

Target Enrichment (myBaits)

Short & Long Read Sequencing

  • Illumina® NovaSeq and MiSeq
  • Ion Torrent® Proton
  • PacBio® Sequel II
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies®

To initiate a project or obtain an estimate, please contact us with details on the number of samples, quality of your samples’ DNA or RNA, and a description of your overall research goals. Our scientific experts can recommend appropriate parameters for any project and accommodate most specific preferences for configuration options such as library construction methods, capture conditions, and sequencing parameters to maximize data output from the project. Learn more below about the myReads process and how to submit a project proposal.

What We Do
  • Project and probe design consultation
  • Library prep, hybridization capture, and sequencing on Illumina, PacBio, or Ion Torrent platforms
  • Specialists in targeted sequencing

How It Works

  1. Contact the experienced myReads scientists for customized project conferral and estimate
  2. Provide sequences for custom myBaits design (if applicable)
  3. Ship us DNA or RNA samples, following our sample preparation and submission guidelines
  4. Receive back either enriched NGS libraries or digital NGS FASTQ read data

Why Choose myReads?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated scientific team
  • Experience working with a broad spectrum of sample types (e.g. fresh, degraded, metagenomic, ancient)
  • Proven results
  • Experience in many specialized applications:
    • Genotyping, marker resequencing, marker discovery
    • Variant discovery in non-model organisms
    • Herbarium, ancient, and museum DNA sequencing
    • Phylogenetically-informative region sequencing (e.g. UCEs)
    • Disease resistance gene sequencing (RenSeq)
    • Long-insert targeted sequencing for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore
    • Target enrichment for methylation analysis


Pricing Examples for Common Applications

These per-sample prices are based on typical project configurations recommended by our expert scientists, for average project sizes of either 48 or 96 samples as described below. We will assist you in finding a project configuration that best fits your research requirements as well as your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation with our expert scientific team.

Relevant parameters to price out your custom project include (a) number of samples, (b) DNA/RNA amount, damage, and purity, (c) hybridization capture target and experimental details, (d) sequencing platform and depth, etc.

Why should I choose Daicel Arbor Biosciences for my NGS service?

Our goal is to provide NGS service for your project as if you were working directly with one of your research collaborators. We strive for a transparent and cooperative approach to NGS projects, and will communicate openly with you to find the right solution for your individual research design needs. We have decades of collective experience in molecular biology, including target capture & high-throughput sequencing, and working with difficult specimens.

In order to facilitate transparent, collaborative projects, we have opted to not offer specific guarantees for target capture & sequencing service projects, since every custom project is completely unique. In science, sometimes research projects do not go 100% according to plan. However, you will only pay for the services that we actually perform. We will give every project our individual attention, and all laboratory work is performed by hand on the bench by our team of dedicated & experienced researchers. Our goal is to provide you with the very same dedicated laboratory attention that you & your research team would give to your own work. You can be assured that we will communicate openly with you about all aspects of your project, and will not commit to a project before first discussing all the options with you.

What services do you offer?

We offer a full suite of services for next-generation sequencing projects, on both regular specimens as well as degraded specimens such ancient DNA including:

  • Library preparation for Ion Torrent, Illumina, and PacBio
  • Target enrichment using myBaits catalog and custom kits
  • High-throughput sequencing on Ion Torrent, Illumina, and PacBio instruments


Fig 1. Demonstration of a range of customizable NGS library insert size options available from myReads NGS services. Daicel Arbor Biosciences can help you to choose the best average insert length appropriate for your specific myBaits target capture project, whether SNP resequencing, exon capture, UCE sequencing, or more. Depending on the quality of your DNA, the nature of your desired target regions, and your planned sequencing platform and read protocol, your project may benefit from either shorter or longer NGS library sizes.

What are your sample submission requirements?

myReads Sample Preparation Guide
myReads DNA Sample Submission Form
myReads RNA Sample Submission Form

These guidelines should be sufficient for most standard DNA or RNA extracts derived from fresh, high-quality, relatively recent specimens (e.g. DNA extracted from fresh, frozen, or alcohol-preserved tissues).

In addition, we are currently accepting most service projects for atypical or sensitive samples, including specimens with degraded or rare targets (e.g., ancient DNA, museum, archival, metagenomic, environmental, etc). However, you should first contact us with more information about your samples & research goals, so that we can determine if we are able to accept your project. We may provide you with a customized set of sample submission requirements that are tailored for your particular application.

Can you work with smaller amounts of DNA/RNA than the requested amount?

Yes we can, however we caution that there is a higher risk of sample and/or target drop-out for low-input and/or low-quality samples. In our experience across many project types, the recommended amounts outlined in the Submission Guidelines provide the best results.
What is the minimum number of samples that I can include in a myReads project?

We do not have a minimum sample number, but we advise that smaller projects will have a higher per-sample cost than larger projects due to the labor required to process a batch of samples and our volume discount pricing.
What turnaround time & coverage depth guarantees do you offer?

Due to the inherently variable nature of target capture & high-throughput sequencing experiments (especially for new, untested, custom baitsets), we are unable to offer service guarantees related to turnaround time, unique read sequencing coverage depth, on-target percentage, and other experimental outcomes.

In order to facilitate transparent, collaborative projects, we have opted to not offer specific guarantees for service projects, since every custom project is completely unique. In science, sometimes research projects do not go 100% according to plan, and for target capture, it is very difficult to plan for specific sequencing outcomes without prior experimental data. However, you will only pay for the services that we actually perform, and we will not accept a project before discussing all the options with you.

You will receive updates and estimated timelines for completion of different stages of your project. If you are working within a specific deadline, we will certainly make every effort to accommodate that, though we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to finish your project within that window.

Can I send you my libraries for target capture?

We would prefer that we make the libraries so that we have direct control over the uniformity and quality of the libraries going into target capture. However, yes, you can provide us directly with libraries that you make yourself. Please confer with us to make sure that we are fully aware of the type of libraries that you are using, since it is critical to choose the correct adapter-specific blocking oligos during capture and the right amplification primers after capture.
Can I use multiple different baitsets for capture service?

Yes, absolutely. We typically have enough material to perform multiple different types of captures from a single set of libraries that we generate. Please contact us for more information about pricing for your individual project configuration needs.
Do you offer DNA extraction services?

We currently do not offer DNA extraction as a standard service option. However, we do have the facilities and expertise for performing DNA extraction on both regular and degraded specimens. Therefore, we may be able to offer this for your project, depending on the circumstances. Please contact us directly to inquire about special service options.
What type of DNA do you accept for service (human, plant, animal, degraded, etc)?

We offer NGS service on any type of non-hazardous DNA extract, whether from high-quality or degraded specimens. However, your samples should still meet our standard submission requirements for your type of service project, including relevant negative controls where applicable. Otherwise, your samples may be unable to pass our quality controls, or your project could be delayed. Please note that currently we are not accepting projects on human ancient DNA specimens for target capture of human DNA.

Featured myReads Publications

We are proud to highlight these high-quality publications from researchers around the world! All of these publications included some or all stages of NGS library preparation, myBaits enrichment, and/or sequencing that were performed and/or arranged by the myReads team. Thank you for allowing us to assist with these fascinating projects!

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