myTXTL cell-free expression kits enable rapid expression of protein targets, with many advantages over in vivo protein expression including the ability to deliver assayable protein in a single day and to skip time-consuming cloning and lysis/purification steps.

myTXTL Antibody/DS Kit: For disulfide bond containing proteins, including antibodies, but also supports robust expression of non-disulfide bond containing proteins. Product Sheet [PDF]
myTXTL Pro Kit: For non-disulfide bond containing proteins. Gives the highest protein yields, combining the full values of previous myTXTL kits. Product Sheet [PDF]

  • For antibodies and proteins with or without disulfide bonds
  • Single-day workflow
  • Skip lysis/purification
  • No cloning required, use linear or plasmid DNA
  • Express toxic proteins
  • Industry-leading yields
  • Scalable reaction volumes

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