The FAQs for our myTags Probe Density Visualizer


  • Probe density is calculated as a rolling average every 1% of the window size and is shown in probes per kilobase.
  • The window size must be greater than 0.1% of the target size (recommend larger than 2kb).
  • The program detects what information is available in the uploaded file so some options may be hidden.
  • The “Output type” dropdown determines what level to view the information at.
  • Chromosome view refers to the sum of all targets on the chromosome
  • Locus View shows grouping information if present in the file
  • Target view shows individual targets when the coordinate is provided with a large range
  • The “Select some loci/fragments” allows you to choose which regions to view so long as they lie on the same chromosome/linkage group. You can view multiple targets using locus view or chromosome view.
  • Clicking the “Strand separated” checkbox will determine probe densities for each strand independently.