myTXTL® – Cell-Free Protein Expression

myTXTL® is a a comprehensive solution for protein engineering and synthetic biology applications.

myTXTL® is a versatile and easy-to-use cell-free protein expression platform for protein synthesis and synthetic biology in industry and academia. Originally developed by Vincent Noireaux, PhD at the University of Minnesota, this revolutionary and powerful TXTL technology was further refined at Arbor Biosciences toward even greater robustness and to deliver reliable and consistent performance.

In all myTXTL® kits, gene transcription (TX) and translation (TL) is executed in a single reaction tube utilizing the endogenous TXTL machinery from E. coli. Gene expression is initialized by simply adding the nucleotide template to the myTXTL® Master Mix and recombinant proteins can be detected after only a few minutes. Due to the lack of cell walls and the independency from cell growth and viability, cell-free systems allow rapid and parallel production of soluble or toxic proteins and other complex biological structures under open-reaction conditions. This enables facile manipulation and straightforward downstream processing of synthesized material.

The myTXTL® technology is well-characterized and has been employed for various applications in protein engineering and synthetic biology applications. myTXTL® Sigma 70 Master Mix is the perfect choice for high-yield production of soluble and membrane proteins, rapid prototyping of gene networks using plasmid DNA and RNA, the construction of synthetic minimal cells and to study cellular biology. The myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is engineered for efficient synthesis using linear DNA templates without the need for additional stabilizers. Simply add linear DNA template to the optimized master mix to begin protein synthesis. Either option delivers the possibility of automated miniaturization, making it ideal for screening of libraries and allows fast iteration of design-build-test cycles of genetic parts and gene circuits.

myTXTL® unites an extremely user-friendly and safe, GMO-free, handling with exceptional protein synthesis efficiency and great versatility, which makes it similarly well-suited for cutting-edge research and student education.

Find out more about our various myTXTL® products and contact us to get further assistance about which myTXTL® product is best for your specific application.

Features & Benefits

All-in-one Solution
Simply mixing template DNA and ready-to-use myTXTL® Master Mix.
Minimal investment
Only standard laboratory equipment required.
Fast processing
Save time by avoiding transformation, clone selection and cell lysis.
Optimized Kits for Peak Performance
Select between different kits for specific needs.
Various expression systems
Compatible with E. coli-specific and T7 expression systems.
Safe Handling
Non-GMO system with laboratory biosafety level

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