myTXTL® T7 Expression Kit

The myTXTL® T7 Expression Kit is optimized for cell-free gene expression from T7-driven templates, either linear or circular DNA.

All-in-One Solution

The myTXTL® T7 Expression kit is based on our LS70 Master Mix technology utilized in the myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit, and has been engineered for maximum robustness and reliable performance when using T7 promoter-driven constructs. The myTXTL® T7 Expression Kit contains a P70a-T7rnap HP plasmid which delivers continuous production of T7 RNA polymerase in addition to an E. coli cell extract, energy buffer, and amino acids premixed for in vitro protein production in a single tube. Simply start protein production by adding a nucleotide template with a T7 promoter. A positive control plasmid with one of our highest expressing green fluorescent proteins (GFP) is included in the kit for easy confirmation of proper protein synthesis conditions.

As in vitro protein synthesis in the myTXTL® cell-free system relies on the endogenous core RNA polymerase and primary sigma factor 70 (σ70) of E. coli, a σ70-specific promoter is used to drive expression of T7 RNA polymerase in the myTXTL T7 Expression kit. By co-expressing the P70a-T7rnap HP plasmid with a T7 promoter-driven construct, gene expression with a traditional T7 expression system is easily achieved.

Continuous Expression of T7 RNA Polymerase

T7 RNA Polymerase

A T7 RNA Polymerase plasmid is co-expressed with a T7 promoter driven deGFP construct to generate a two-gene transcriptional cascade.


Gene Circuits

For your convenience, Arbor Biosciences offers a large collection of over one hundred pre-designed plasmids, including T7 promoter driven constructs, for setting up complex gene circuits with the myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection.

Contact us to learn about options to customize reaction sizes and bulk packaging formats.

Features & Benefits

All-in-one Solution
Simply mixing template DNA and ready-to-use myTXTL® Master Mix.
High-throughput screening
Process more samples within a single experiment.
Various inputs
Start from linear or circular (plasmid) DNA templates.
Highly Controllable
Easily adjust experimental parameters

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Contact us to learn about options to customize reaction sizes and bulk packaging formats.