myBaits® – Targeted Sequencing Kits

Target enrichment via hybridization-based capture is one of the most powerful and versatile next generation sequencing (NGS) tools available today.

myBaits® target capture kits from Arbor Biosciences provide pools of in-solution biotinylated RNA probes plus reagents for highly-efficient, scalable targeted sequencing on any NGS platform, including Illumina®, Ion Torrent®, PacBio®, and Nanopore®. Arbor Biosciences’ proprietary oligo synthesis technology delivers high-quality, complex baits at extremely competitive pricing. In addition, we are proud to offer complimentary bait design and project development assistance from a team of expert scientists.

myBaits kits have been successfully used in thousands of research projects from a wide variety of genome types; animals, plants, and microbes, and DNA sources; fresh, degraded, and environmental. Custom kits tailored for specific target regions are the most popular choice, allowing enrichment of specific SNPs, exons, genes, and other sequence motifs from genomic or metagenomic samples. Arbor Biosciences also offers a variety of predesigned kit options for specific research applications, such as mitochondrial DNA sequencing, ultraconserved element sequencing, whole-genome enrichment from metagenomic samples, and human cancer exome research.

myBaits target capture kits can greatly enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of any NGS research project. Contact our scientists today regarding your next project, and join a community of researchers in adopting one of the most versatile and fastest-growing technologies in genetics research.

Features & Benefits

Custom kits
Enrich for specific SNPs, exons, genes, and other sequence motifs
Free design service
Expertly curated probes for highly efficient sequencing
Predesigned kits
Ready for immediate shipment
Open platform
Compatible with any NGS library preparation system
Simple protocol
Perfect for new or expert NGS users
Complete solution
Convenient kits include all necessary reagents

Team Expertise