Enrichment panel targeting 94,752 human SNPs for assessment of kinship out to 4th-degree relatives, particularly for highly degraded samples. Gorden et al. (2022) demonstrated this panel on a set of World War II-era highly degraded samples and a pool of family references genotyped on the Illumina CytoSNP-850K chip. The panel is designed for use with Parabon’s Fx software for extended kinship from very low-coverage sequencing data.

Reference: Gorden, E.M., E.M. Greytak, K. Sturk-Andreaggi, J. Cady, T.P. McMahon, S. Armentrout, & C. Marshall. (2022). Extended kinship analysis of historical remains using SNP capture. Forensic Science International: Genetics, 57, 102636.