Species delimitation is a rich scientific field that often uses different sources of data to identify independently evolving lineages that might be recognized as species. Here, we use an integrative approach based on morphometrics, COI-barcoding, and phylogenomics using ultraconserved elements (UCEs) to investigate whether the orchid bee species Eulaema cingulata (Fabricius, 1804) and E. pseudocingulata Oliveira, 2006 represent a single variable taxon or two different species. We analyzed 126 specimens across the geographical range of these nominal species to test species hypotheses using the general lineage concept. We found substantial overlap in wing and head morphometrics, and both taxa form one phylogenetic lineage based on COI mitochondrial and UCE data. Our results support the recognition of both forms as members of the same evolutionary unit and E. pseudocingulata is herein recognized as a junior synonym of E. cingulata.