Due to high endogenous copy numbers of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in each cell, it provides a favorable recovery from a variety of sample sources, even degraded or environmental DNA. Given the abundance of sample DNA and reduced genome size of mitochondria, this technique delivers a cost-effective solution for efficient mtDNA enrichment and NGS analysis for a range of human and other animal species. The haploid, maternally inherited mitogenome has been a popular target for a variety of genetics research applications.

myBaits® Mito panels from Daicel Arbor Biosciences are pre-designed with bait length, tiling density, and bait concentration appropriate for enriching mtDNA from any type of specimen, whether fresh, agricultural, environmental, forensic, ancient, or archival material. myBaits Mito panels are available from a wide variety of organisms, including those highly relevant for archaeological or forensic research such as human, dog, horse, sheep, and many more.

  • Predesigned panels – Optimized performance for immediate results.
  • Simple protocol – Perfect for new or expert NGS users.
  • Versatile sample type – Works even in samples with degraded or ancient DNA.
  • Wide selection – Mix-and-match different panels for multi-species studies.
  • Expandable – Combine with custom baits for additional flexibility.

Want data even faster? Leverage our expert myReads® NGS services.

myBaits kits are for research use only and are not validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Available Panels

CategoryCommon NameScientific NameRef or NCBI Accession
HumanHuman, Modern GlobalH. sapiens Representative Global Diversity Panel (197 sequences)Design Credit: “Ana Duggan, Hendrik Poinar, & Renaud et al (2015)”
HumanHuman, rCRSH. sapiens sapiens (Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence)NC_012920
HumanHuman, RSRSH. sapiens Reconstructed Sapiens Reference SequenceBehar et al (2012) / Phylotree.org
HumanHuman, NeanderthalHomo sapiens neanderthalensisNC_011137
Mammalia > PrimatesAyeAyeDaubentonia madagascariensisNC_010299
Mammalia > PrimatesPottoPerodicticus pottoKC757407.1
Mammalia > PrimatesMonkey, Snub-nosedRhinopithecus avunculusHM125578.1
Mammalia > PrimatesBaboon, OlivePapio anubisJX946196
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaBison, AmericanBison bisonNC_012346
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaBison, SteppeBison priscusNC_027233
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaCow/CattleBos taurusNC_006853
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaCamelopsCamelops hesternusKR822421
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaCamel, DromedaryCamelus dromedariusNC_009849
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaGoat, DomesticCapra hircusNC_005044
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaDeer, RedCervus elephusNC_007704.2
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaLlamaLama glamaNC_012102
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaWhale, HumpbackMegaptera novaeangliaeNC_006927.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaDeer, White-tailedOdocoileus virginianusNC_015247
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaDolphin, IrrawaddyOrcaella brevirostrisNC_019590.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaMuskoxOvibos moschatusNC_020631
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaSheep, DomesticOvis ariesNC_001941
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaSheep, BighornOvis canadensisNC_015889
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaReindeer/CaribouRangifer tarandusNC_007703
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaPig, DomesticSus scrofaNC_000845
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaDolphin, BottlenoseTursiops truncatusNC_012059.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaBushbuckTragelaphus scriptusNC_020751
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaHippopotamusHippopotamus amphibiusNC_000889.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaDeerDama damaNC_020700.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaWhale, True’s beakedMesoplodon mirusNC_042217.1
Mammalia > ArtiodactylaGreater mouse-deerTragulus napuNC_035821.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraDog, DomesticCanis lupus familiarisNC_002008
Mammalia > CarnivoraBearded SealErignathus barbatusAM181027.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraCat, DomesticFelis catusNC_001700
Mammalia > CarnivoraLion, AfricanPanthera leo leoKF776494.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraLeopardPanthera pardusNC_010641
Mammalia > CarnivoraTigerPanthera tigrisKP202268.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraRinged SealPhoca hispidaAM181036.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraPumaPuma concolorNC_016470
Mammalia > CarnivoraBear, BlackUrsus americanusNC_003426.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraBear, BrownUrsus arctosNC_003427
Mammalia > CarnivoraWolverineGulo guloNC_009685.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraStellar Sea LionEumetopias jubatusNC_004030
Mammalia > CarnivoraPolecatMustela putoriusNC_020638.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraJapanese sealionZalophus japonicusNC_058016.1
Mammalia > CarnivoraMediterranean monk sealMonachus monachusNC_044972.1
Mammalia > LagomorphaHare, EuropeanLepus europaeusNC_004028.1
Mammalia > LagomorphaHare, MountainLepus timidusNC_024040.1
Mammalia > LagomorphaRabbit, DomesticOryctolagus cuniculusNC_001913
Mammalia > PerissodactylaHorseEquus caballusNC_001640
Mammalia > PilosaSloth, GroundMylodon darwiniiNC_037941.1
Mammalia > ProboscideaElephant, AfricanLoxodonta africanaNC_000934
Mammalia > ProboscideaWoolly MammothMammuthus primigeniusKX027526
Mammalia > RodentiaHutiaGeocapromysKU892767.1-KU892768.1
Mammalia > RodentiaMouse, HouseMus musculusNC_005089
Mammalia > RodentiaRat, PolynesianRattus exulansEU273711.1
Mammalia > RodentiaChipmunkTamias quadrivittatusKY070142
ReptiliaAnolisAnolis carolinensisNC_010972.2
ReptiliaSea TurtleChelonia mydasJX454990.1
ReptiliaCrocodile, NileCrocodylus niloticusNC_008142
ReptiliaHorned lizardPhrynosoma blainvilliiMG387969.1
ReptiliaIguanaCyclura pinguisNC_027089.1
AvesChickenGallus gallusNC_001323
AvesTurkey, WildMeleagris gallopavoNC_010195.2
AvesSwamphenPorphyrio porphyrioNC_025508.1
AvesParakeetPyrrhura rupicolaNC_028404
AvesEurasian WoodcockScolopax rusticolaNC_025521
AvesBarn OwlTyto albaEU410491.1
AvesStork, WhiteCiconia ciconiaAB026818.1
AvesDouble-striped thick-kneeBurhinus bistriatusNC_052794.1
FishMottled SculpinCottus bairdiiNC_028277.1
FishBurbotLota lotaNC_004379.1
FishRound WhitefishProsopium cylindraceumNC_020764.1
FishWhale SharkRhincodon typusNC_023455.1
FishSalmon, AtlanticSalmo salarNC_001960
FishArctic CharSalvelinus alpinusNC_000861
FishArctic GraylingThymallus arcticusNC_012929.1
FishZebrafishDanio rerioNC_002333.2
FishThree-spined sticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusNC_041244.1
NematodeC. elegansCaenorhabditis elegansNC_001328.1
InsectaMoth, IndianmealPlodia interpunctellaNC_027961
ProtozoanMalariaPlasmodium vivexNC_007243.1
ProtozoanMalariaPlasmodium falciparumNC_037526.1
AmphibiaTiger salamanderAmbystoma tigrinum stebbinsiKP013120.1

If an organism of interest is not listed in this table, please contact us for potential availability of other mitogenome baitsets.

myBaits kits are for research use only and are not validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.


If an organism of interest is not listed in this table, please contact us for potential availability of other mitogenome baitsets.

NGS read alignment visualizing DNA library molecules from zooarchaeological ancient DNA specimen successfully enriched with a species-specific myBaits Mito panel

Full mitogenome coverage is obtained. myBaits Mito target capture kits can be purchased for use in any laboratory with user-supplied NGS libraries, or outsource the library preparation, target enrichment, and sequencing to Daicel Arbor Biosciences’ myReads NGS service team.

myBaits kits are for research use only and are not validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

myBaits kits are for research use only and are not validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

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