June 5, 2024

Dear valued myTXTL customers,

We are excited to share some upcoming changes to the myTXTL product line. In June 2024, we will be introducing a new myTXTL “Pro” kit that will serve all currently supported cell-free protein expression applications of our existing three kit options, including both Sigma 70 and T7 promoter-based protein expression from either linear or plasmid templates. myTXTL Pro kits will be available in 3 convenient sizes, with custom size bulk formats also available. Each kit will include a “helper plasmid” (for T7 RNA polymerase expression) and a “control plasmid” (for T7 expression of deGFP as a positive control; P70 version can be purchased separately). This new integrated product format will enable maximum flexibility for users by supporting multiple promoters, template formats, and reaction sizes.

Existing myTXTL product SKUs including kits and bulk mixes (Sigma 70 Master Mix, Linear DNA Expression, and T7 Expression), GamS protein, KL740 cells*, linear DNA controls, and Toolbox 2.0 plasmids will no longer be available for purchase after August 5, 2024. Please see table below or contact us if you wish to order any of these products prior to their retirement.

Along with the Pro kit, we will be introducing the new myTXTL Antibody/DS kit to enable expression of antibodies and other disulfide-bond containing proteins. Click here to learn more about the new Pro and Antibody/DS kit offerings.

We are excited to continue the development of the myTXTL system to empower your cell-free protein expression work, and please reach out if you have any questions.

(* Note: KL740 cells can now be purchased from ATCC, catalog no. BAA-3232.)