All of Arbor’s library preparation service options are AVITI-compatible.

Please see the library kit compatibility guide from Element Biosciences for a list of kits with which AVITI sequencing is compatible.

Briefly, compared to the figure below, the 5’ and 3’ end of the adapters must not have missing, additional, or mismatched bases or modifications that would block DNA ligation:

Yes! A full AVITI flowcell generates approximately 240Gbp of PE150 data.

If you need more data and need it speedily, the AVITI can run two flowcells simultaneously.

Yes! We can offer AVITI sequencing in units of Gbp, which is ~3.3M PE150 read pairs. The price per Gbp goes down the more Gbp you get!

You’ll receive demultiplexed, but otherwise raw FASTQ files. There will be two files (read 1 and read 2) per sample. If you are familiar with Illumina sequencing output, the data will be identical to the format you are familiar with.

  • Decreased sequencing turnaround time. With the sequencer in Arbor’s hands, we’re in full control of the speed and can provide data at least 2 weeks faster than ever before.
  • Increased read quality. Runs frequently produce results with >90% of reads meeting or exceeding Q30 quality scores. 
  • Flexibility. Mid-sized flowcells (~240Gbp) make flowcell-level pricing accessible for smaller project sizes.
  • Compatibility. The AVITI is compatible with all of Arbor’s existing short-read library preparation (and capture) options, so you can feel confident knowing that your precious samples will be handled with the protocols you trust. 

While the output (FASTQ files) is the same, the sequencing chemistry is different. The AVITI uses “avidity sequencing,” which is a sequencing-by binding chemistry. Illumina sequencing employs a sequencing-by synthesis chemistry. The avidity sequencing chemistry improves the accuracy of the basecalls. Read more about avidity sequencing here.

AVITI is the new short-read medium-throughput sequencing platform from Element Biosciences. It is a drop-in replacement for Illumina sequencers – meaning that it is compatible with Illumina libraries and the data format is the same as you’d get with an Illumina sequencer.

Instructions for preparing your dried DNA samples for submission for NGS lab and sequencing services.

Instructions for planning your project and preparing, packaging, and shipping your samples for NGS lab and sequencing services.

Flexible, customizable options for different sample and project types. Pick a package that fits your
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