Instructions for preparing your dried DNA samples for submission for NGS lab and sequencing services.

Instructions for planning your project and preparing, packaging, and shipping your samples for NGS lab and sequencing services.

Flexible, customizable options for different sample and project types. Pick a package that fits your
project needs or mix and match!

By placing an order that includes myReads service line items, the Client agrees to the service policies and commitments described in this document.

Researchers used ancient DNA and myBaits to sequence immune genes from Europeans that died before, during, and after the Black Death in the 1300’s.

We offer comprehensive NGS services for wheat and related species using our targeted myBaits Wheat Exome and Wheat Regulome capture panels.

Guidelines for submitting sequences for myBaits Custom bait design

Summary file describing target regions for Ancestral 850K module of myBaits Expert Human Affinities kit