Manual for myBaits Expert Wheat Exome and Wheat Regulome kits (v1.53)

Manual for myBaits Custom Methyl-Seq hybridization capture kits (v1.53)

Manual for myBaits hybridization capture kits, V5 reagents (v5.03)

Manual for myBaits Expert Human Affinities kits (v1.1)

Protocol for labeling of myTags immortal libraries (v2.2.)

Protocol for preparation of chemo-competent KL740
cells for propagation of P70a vectors

Protocol for reconstitution of myTags in situ hybridization products

Protocol for using myTags probes to detect RNA in adherent cultured cells

Protocol for DNA fluorescent in situ hybridization labeling of metaphase chromosomes

Protocol for DNA fluorescent in situ (DNA FISH) hybridization of fixed cultured human cells