myBaits targeted NGS kits can greatly increase the power and efficiency of forensics research on both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

myBaits Custom DNA-Seq capture kits provide rapid, selective enrichment of target regions of interest from NGS libraries built from DNA samples.

myBaits Custom Methyl-Seq kits provide deep sequencing of target regions from NGS libraries of bisulfite- or enzymatic-converted DNA samples.

Instructions for planning your project and preparing, packaging, and shipping your samples for NGS lab and sequencing services.

Presented at PAG 2023. The myBaits target capture system is by design universally compatible with virtually any NGS workflow, short- or long-read.

Presented at PAG 2023. myTags® Custom probes utilize sophisticated design to eliminate nonspecific elements that BAC-derived probes typically retain.

Flexible, customizable options for different sample and project types. Pick a package that fits your
project needs or mix and match!

Researchers used ancient DNA and myBaits to sequence immune genes from Europeans that died before, during, and after the Black Death in the 1300’s.

We offer comprehensive NGS services for wheat and related species using our targeted myBaits Wheat Exome and Wheat Regulome capture panels.

Presented at CSHL Genome Organization meeting 2022. myTags ISH probes overcome many technical challenges associated with genomic-derived alternatives.