Gene transcription (TX) and translation (TL) is executed is a single reaction tube with this highly efficient E.coli-based cell-free system.

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The myBaits 16S-Hyb kit enriches the complete 16S rRNA locus, giving better taxonomic resolution compared to amplicon sequencing.

Easily visualize target regions with brighter signal and reduced background using myTags custom synthetic oligo probes.

Our team has optimized processes for library preparation, target capture, sequencing, and bioinformatics, allowing us to execute projects of any size.

myBaits Custom RNA-Seq capture kits provide rapid, selective enrichment of target regions of interest from NGS libraries built from RNA samples.

Presented at PAG 2020. R-gene enrichment sequencing (RenSeq) was employed for NLR genes in Arachis stenosperma, Glycine max and Musa acuminata.

Presented at PAG 2020. The myBaits Wheat Exome capture kit, developed in collaboration with the IWGSC, successfully enriches exomes from wheat.

Presented at SEED (Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution, & Design) 2019.

Sequencing of target enriched libraries is an efficient method for obtaining DNA sequence data for phylogenetic reconstruction.