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Presented at PAG 2023. The myBaits target capture system is by design universally compatible with virtually any NGS workflow, short- or long-read.

Presented at PAG 2023. myTags® Custom probes utilize sophisticated design to eliminate nonspecific elements that BAC-derived probes typically retain.

Researchers used ancient DNA and myBaits to sequence immune genes from Europeans that died before, during, and after the Black Death in the 1300’s.

We offer comprehensive NGS services for wheat and related species using our targeted myBaits Wheat Exome and Wheat Regulome capture panels.

Presented at CSHL Genome Organization meeting 2022. myTags ISH probes overcome many technical challenges associated with genomic-derived alternatives.

Our team has optimized processes for library preparation, target capture, sequencing, and bioinformatics, allowing us to execute projects of any size.

The myBaits 16S-Hyb kit enriches the complete 16S rRNA locus, giving better taxonomic resolution compared to amplicon sequencing.

Easily visualize target regions with brighter signal and reduced background using myTags custom synthetic oligo probes.