Presented at PAG 2023. The myBaits target capture system is by design universally compatible with virtually any NGS workflow, short- or long-read.

Presented at PAG 2023. myTags® Custom probes utilize sophisticated design to eliminate nonspecific elements that BAC-derived probes typically retain.

Presented at CSHL Genome Organization meeting 2022. myTags ISH probes overcome many technical challenges associated with genomic-derived alternatives.

Presented at PAG 2020. The myBaits Wheat Exome capture kit, developed in collaboration with the IWGSC, successfully enriches exomes from wheat.

Presented at PAG 2020. R-gene enrichment sequencing (RenSeq) was employed for NLR genes in Arachis stenosperma, Glycine max and Musa acuminata.

Presented at SEED (Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution, & Design) 2019.

Sequencing of target enriched libraries is an efficient method for obtaining DNA sequence data for phylogenetic reconstruction.